• RCDMS03052-1 (Green Alexandrite)
  • RCDMS03052-2
  • RCDMS03052-2 (Green Alexandrite)
  • RCDMS03052 – AGL 1098378

Brazilian Alexandrite and Diamond Ring

A 1.03 carat, natural Brazilian Alexandrite graces the center of our platinum and diamond ring. It is set with 38 round brilliant cut diamonds (1.13ctw) in the halo and band.

Alexandrites are one of the most intriguing gemstones due to their unique color-change effect … and Brazilian Alexandrites are coveted for their intense color change. The finest stones shift from Bluish Green during the day to reddish pink or purple at night.

The stone has been graded by the American Gemological Laboratory with an Excellent grade and 90-100% color change.

This ring design can be made in 18k rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.

If interested in a particular size and quality gemstone, different shape or diamond, please contact us for pricing.


Ref# RCDMS03052
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