Rare Mozambique Purple Garnet Ring
  • Rare Mozambique Purple Garnet Ring
  • RMD8U00612_S#14309-2

Rare Mozambique Purple Garnet Ring

Captivating Rare Mozambique Purple Garnet Ring for the jewelry aficionado.

Due to their incredible color, quality and limited availability, these purple garnets are extremely rare.

Unlike traditional garnets, this gem exhibits an intense purple hue with red flashes known as Royal Purple.

In addition to its captivating color, is its unique ability to display a fascinating color change from grape to cranberry in different lighting.

There is so much to admire in this masterpiece.

First, is a gorgeous 6.63ct cushion-cut garnet at the center of a classic platinum setting.

Secondly, is a collection of 56 French-set round brilliant diamonds beautifully embracing this purple beauty.

An elegant design that features 1.46ctw of dazzling diamonds in the halo, under gallery and band really makes this a stand out piece.

Take her breath away with our Rare Mozambique Purple Garnet Ring


Ref# RMD8U00612
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