As an independent jeweler, Turgeon-Raine has always represented the finest quality and maintained the highest level of customer confidence. Our competitive pricing on quality diamonds, coupled with our personal service, separates us from the diamond sellers on the Internet and at shopping clubs.

We have a large, on-hand selection of Ideal-cut diamonds. Each one of these diamonds is hand-selected for incredible fire and brilliance. Each diamond comes with a GIA Grading Report Certificate that is the bench-mark in the jewelry industry for an unbiased and accurate determination of cut, color, clarity and carat weight.


We know you are well informed and our goal is to offer you the best price possible. Our high volume of diamond sales is a result of our understanding the competition and having a discerning eye to choose outstanding gemstones at spectacular values.

Through our Worldwide network of diamond cutters, we have access to virtually thousands of GIA graded Diamonds in all shapes and sizes and can have a selection of stones available for you to actually see … in most cases, the very next day! And at pricing comparable to the Internet.