Patek Philippe

Turgeon Raine is an authorized dealer for Patek Philippe timepieces and is home to one of the largest collections in North America. For over 20 years, we’ve brought this world class brand to our valued customers. To discuss our current inventory and how we may assist you in acquiring your next, or very first, Patek Philippe watch, call us at 1.800.678.0120 or use our contact us form below.

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Collectors of watches all over the world have long regarded the name of Patek Philippe as the quintessence of quality watches. Very often, these works of art not only retain their value over the years, but also achieve record sums at auction. All the complex complications are developed in the company’s workshop. Each individual component is given its final perfect touches at the autonomous in-house manufacture. Only the very best materials are used, and no compromise is made when it comes to the most valuable raw material of all time.