Diamond and Ruby Rose Gold Wedding Band

Hand-fabricated in 18 karat rose gold, this piece features a round 0.01ct round diamond set on the outside and a 0.01ct ruby on the inside giving this ring a stylish look.  The details of this modern design are subtle yet impressive.

This small sculpture is designed and created by Satoru.  He creates exquisite jewelry with a modern design using unusual material combinations and impeccable craftsmanship.

This rose gold tension set diamond engagement ring is part of the Akatsuki collection, meaning dawn in Japanese. Satoru designs pieces that embrace elegance of a Japanese aesthetic using innovative techniques resulting in a timeless design.

Beginning with diamonds set on the outside of a ring and rubies set directly behind them, light casts the saturated hue of the gem onto the diamond, infusing it for a moment with vibrant color like a brilliant sunrise.

This ring design can also be made in 18k yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

If interested in a particular size and quality diamond, different shape or colored stone, please contact us for pricing.

2.0mm wide.


Ref# RWEDR04578
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