Fancy Colored Diamond Earrings
  • Fancy Colored Diamond Earrings
  • ECDKK01241-2
  • ECDKK01241-2 (on ear)

Fancy Colored Diamond Earrings

Our Fancy Colored Diamond Earrings are in a league of their own.

The flattering aesthetic is a beautiful tear drop shape that can be defined as classic chic.

Not only do these earrings feature 10 mixed fancy colored diamonds (0.80ctw), but also 180 round brilliant cut diamonds (0.86ctw) that will have her beaming with joy.

In addition to the multi-colored diamonds, is the subtle 18 karat rose gold that brings all the fabulous elements together.

Although there are a lot of sparkling diamonds, the soft earth tones reflect a beauty that evoke everyday wearability.

Surprise her with a piece that is bright, bold and simply illuminating.

28.88mm tall.


Ref# ECDKK01241
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