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French-Set Half Eternity Diamond Band

Our French-set half eternity diamond band is both classic and contemporary.

Hand-crafted in luxurious 18k yellow gold, this 2.5mm half-eternity band features 14 French-set round brilliant cut diamonds (total weight of 0.59 carats) that provide endless sparkle.

A French-set style is desirable as you see very little metal between the diamonds, giving a seamless line of brilliance.

The name half-eternity is given to bands with precious gemstones that encompass the top half of the band.  An option to have the diamonds go all the way around is always available.

They have a symbolic meaning of undying and eternal love and are given to commemorate a special occasion.

A French-set half eternity diamond band makes the perfect symbol of your forever love.

*Exact number of diamonds and carat weight will vary depending on ring size. 

This ring design can also be made in 18k rose gold, white gold or platinum.

If interested in a particular size or different carat weight, please contact us for pricing.


Ref# RADYG02133
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