Small Helicoidals

Hand-forged 18kt yellow gold earrings by the award-winning jeweler, Michael Good. The small size measures approximately 2 1/2′. Available in Medium (2 3/4′) and Large (3 1/2′) and in 18kt white gold.

Michael Good’s revolutionary metalsmithing techniques give his creations their distinctive style. His forms are made directly from flat sheets of precious metal, with the use of a cross peen hammer and sinusoidal forming stake. This forming technique is called anticlastic raising.

Anticlastic raising is an unusual technique that stretches and compresses sheets of 18k gold, using only hammers and stakes. Michael actually makes custom tools to create the compound curves that are singular to his work. The beauty of this method is that the pieces have relatively large volume while maintaining a comfortable and appropriate weight, especially for earrings. The results are sculptured forms of fluid beauty and natural grace. Each piece is hand crafted in Rockport, Maine.


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